House of ZHU

Our House


The Zhu family is one the most ancient Chinese Families. Its roots are deeply entertwined with the World History. Our philosophy is to bring peace to the world. Over the past four millenia, we have constantly been lobbying in secrecy with meaningful results. You've probably heard of some of our success stories. For example, our contribution was the decisive factor that ended both World War I & II.


Among our ranks are powerful women and men who have impacted the course of Human Destiny. Many have become prominent figures of their times. Just to name a few, here are examples of famous members: Qin Shihuang, Confucius, Michael-Angelo, Roger Federer, Barack Obama. Since the most ancient times, the House has been led by a charimatic and visionary head. The process that establishes the leader relies purely on merits and only the most outstanding member of our Family receives the Right to be our Leader. To do so, he must exhibit a proven track record and the ability to rule over the most powerful organization on Earth.


We provide best-in-class services which help our customers to find concrete solutions to business challenges. With an award-winning expertise on a wide range of industries, we have constantly exceeded our customers' expectations over the years, by adapting our knowledge to the current state of the market and our customers' strategic roadmaps.